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TIGER Talk Recap: Growing Pains: How to Effectively Grow as a Leader Along With Your Growing Company

According to the Small Business Association, there are many reasons why businesses fail. Sometimes it’s because of rapid growth and over-expansion. Other times it’s due to poor financial management or an unprofitable business model. It could also be because business owners are not in touch with customer demands, or they lack uniqueness and value. But… continue reading

TIGER Talk Recap: Negotiation Skills – To Give Your Business The Competitive Edge

Negotiation is one of the few business skills we use every day. We use it to “get more” for our business, and to save more on expenses. Most importantly, negotiation is used to strengthen key relationships both in our personal and professional lives. Kwame Christian Esq., M.A., and founder of the American Negotiation Institute, presented… continue reading

7 Steps to Creating a Content Calendar

Creating content for your business is vital to its success. Interesting, engaging content can connect your customers to your business, improve your search results, and support and enhance your brand. But it’s not something you should create and publish sporadically. You should have an overall plan or set of goals for your content, then a… continue reading

New Albany-based LOCTOTE™ raises $1.1 Million

Busy individuals who need to keep their personal belongings safe and accessible will soon have a new option: LOCTOTE™ bags. Created by LOCTOTE™ Industrial Bag Company, LOCTOTE™ bags are the toughest, most threat-resistant drawstring bags in the world. People on the go can have their essentials with them, but not necessarily on them. Don Halpern,… continue reading

TIGER Recap – Pivoting Innovation: New Ways to Drive Growth

Building a successful company is not simple – there are many unforeseen obstacles inhibiting one’s success. One of the biggest obstacles for any startup is trying to determine what the customer wants, says Urko Wood, President and Founder of Reveal Growth Consultants. Urko presented, “Pivoting Innovation: New Ways to Drive Growth” to a record crowd… continue reading

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