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5 Indicators that Early Stage Investors Want to See Before They Invest in a Deal

Investing in startups is risky business. It’s really tough (okay, impossible) to predict exactly which companies will succeed and which won’t. But there are certain milestones that savvy investors want to see. They know that while these indicators don’t guarantee success, they can certainly improve the odds. Customer Validation Investors listen to entrepreneurs who know… continue reading

The Importance of a Unified Brand Experience

When engaging in brand building, it’s important to present a unified voice in your marketing. You want to keep things consistent both internally and with your customers. This will allow you to provide a seamless experience across your digital presence, in-store visits, products, and customer service. With an increasingly-cluttered digital landscape, you want to ensure… continue reading

Beware: Shiny Object Syndrome & the Easy Button

Do you know someone who always has the latest buzz about gadgets? Are you that person? For example, if you’re chomping at the bit to pre-order the upcoming Apple Watch, you might be considered an Apple fanboy. At the same time you’d also be guilty of succumbing to Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS). SOS is prevalent… continue reading

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