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Get a Grip: 6 Keys to a Great Company

Connie Chwan, President of PureDirection, LLC, led a motivating and inspiring discussion at the Dublin Entrepreneurial Center on August 21. Her presentation, “Get a Grip: 6 Keys to a Great Company,” had two goals: (1) to encourage business owners to look at their company from a different perspective, and (2) to give them a set… continue reading

Your Branding Wake-Up Call

Branding. It’s a word tossed around a ton in the world of business, but do you really know what it means? Have you ever taken a moment to actually throw the term in Google and see what Mr. Wiki has to say about it? Likely not. Have no fear: I’m here to save your brains… continue reading

5 Reasons Why Customer Cash May Be the First Source of Funding for Startups

Raising cash from your customers to fund your new venture may be the better alternative to raise equity than pounding the pavement for investors, says John Mullins, Ph.D., a professor with the London School for Business.  Professor Mullins and his research team have identified five “customer funded” models that may provide the jumpstart for new… continue reading

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