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5 Ways an e-book Can Benefit Your Business

Businesses are in constant content generation mode. We’re writing blogs, sending out e-blasts, and getting involved in social media – all to establish that connection with our customers, become a trusted resource, and gradually earn more business. One important piece of content that is often overlooked in our content generation efforts is an e-book. What… continue reading

Preparing for Firsts in Leadership

Highly visual African American (AA) first-to-be success stories, such as Barack Obama becoming President of the United States, Oprah Winfrey’s multi-millionaire status, and other first-to-be success stories cause some to suggest we here in America have achieved a post-racial, fully egalitarian society. The success of one may be a beacon to light the way, but… continue reading

How Your Brand Can Change the World

The second you open Facebook, Twitter, or your Feedly news app, there is a recurrent theme that is becoming increasingly hard to avoid. In the face of natural disasters, poverty, terrorists, riots and environmental destruction, it’s jarring to the senses to imagine ostentatiously “positioning” your company’s brand front and center. Social media is more about… continue reading

Lunch & Launch Recap: Insight 2050 – Emerging Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in Central Ohio

Have you ever wondered what Central Ohio communities might look like 30+ years from now? The Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) knows, and shared it at SunDown RunDown’s Lunch & Launch at Innovate New Albany on May 8. The presentation, “Insight 2050: Emerging Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in Central Ohio,” reported phase one results of… continue reading

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