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Why Protecting Your Intellectual Property Matters

Have you ever wondered how to copyright your intellectual property? Patent your design? Trademark your idea? Do you know the process for protecting your work, how much it would cost, or how long it lasts? Doug Duff, legal counsel for Ice Miller Litigation and Intellectual Property Group, answered all of these questions and more at… continue reading

Why You Need to Come Up for Air Now and Then

You’re an entrepreneur. You read CrunchBase, Mashable, Tech-blahty bahdy blah. You’re busy working on your idea and have your head down for months trying to get your MVP out there into market. You’re still connected to what is going on. You get the SunDown RunDown weekly newsletter, you get the Startup Digests, you know what’s… continue reading

Mandrill Takes the Pain Out of Email Deliverability

Companies that have been on the web for any amount of time usually have stories to tell about email deliverability; while “99% of the emails we send are opened by their recipients” might not be as sexy as “we had five million unique visitors last month” or “our homepage loads in 700 milliseconds”, there are few ways to risk customers as quickly as your transactional emails not arriving (or worse, getting caught in a spam filter). Deliverability isn’t the first metric people consider as they start running their businesses online, but it’s certainly the one they hear most about from customers when things don’t go well. Fortunately, MailChimp offers a nice little service called Mandrill that makes sure your customers are never left wondering.

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