Roundup of IT Martini Startup Demos

The recent IT Martini Columbus event at New Albany’s Tween Brands – the first ever to be hosted in a suburban corporate environment – was a sell out! In case you missed it, here’s a summary of the demos by IT Martini’s Angela Slezak:

Every IT Martini event highlights local early stage companies and gives them an opportunity to showcase their products. There were seven New Albany and Central Ohio early-stage company demos at the reception:

  1. Capture Education is software schools use to schedule the right student in the right class at the right time. The hours of time administrators spend interviewing and manually arranging students, curriculums and classrooms is eliminated using this innovative software.
  2. Featurestage, Inc. provides a platform for communication and collaboration. Teamwork is the core of a successful business and finding the right tool to foster collaboration is essential. Featurestage allows team collaboration through one account.
  3. iPinion allows market researchers to collect information through mobile devices via a network of 1.3 million members and provides services to create effective surveys and “cool” launch strategies. Company growth involves market research and capturing the attention of respondents today means contacting them on their mobile devices. 
  4. LapKeyBoard has designed an ergonomic computer keyboard. LapKeyBoard has just launched and you are the first to see this innovative new product.
  5. SmileChatter is a site that connects dental patients with dental professionals through articles, forums and videos. Some recent forum topics include taking your children to the dentist, professional-to-professional advice and student-to-student support.
  6. SoftSyl Technologies provides interactive voice response (IVR) and telephony solutions. The dedicated team at SoftSyl brings together the most advanced technologies possible to enable companies to create a unique platform for the most efficient customer service possible.
  7. Brand Thunder -Build your own browser theme, find a theme or have us create one for you – for Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome @

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